Picture of Mayce Keeler

Recognizable for its stage-like appearance, Keeler’s allegorical works lean into narratives of their own symbolic mythos. Evolving from religious paintings dealing with sexuality, the images crawl from their primordial soup into themes of masculinity, femininity, and fertility. By the juxtaposition of beasts as wholly themselves against a chimera of human and animal characteristics, a dichotomy emerges that underlines the lizard brain driving bodily (and existential) ardor and trepidation. Recurring characters experience sentiments of love and loss, transformation, and divine encounters. Tensions found within form an interplay between subjective good vs evil, and are repeatedly a source of violence.

Mayce Keeler is based in San Diego and graduated from the University of San Diego in 2018 with a Bachelor Art in Visual Arts with an emphasis in painting and printmaking.

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University of San Diego

B.A. in Visual Arts

Minor in Theology

Grants and Awards


Visual Arts Departmental Honors


Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (S.U.R.E.) Grant

Associative Students Research Grant

Solo and Group Shows


University of San Diego , “2022 Alumni Show” Group Show- San Diego, CA

David W. May Gallery, Sts. Tekakwitha and Serra Hall, “Resonance”, Group show - San Diego, CA

Avenue 50 Gallery, “Choices”, Group Show- Los Angeles, CA

Pop-Up, “Apartment Group Show” Group Show- San Diego, CA

Bread and Salt, "Museum School Art Auction” Group Show - San Diego, CA


QueerArt Collective, "Petrichor", Group show - Providence, RI


Zachrifice, “A Quarantine show”, Group Pop up-show - San Diego, CA

Art Produce, “AiR+ Artist in Residency”, Group show - San Diego, CA

Art Produce, “San Diego Artists in Unity” Silent group auction - San Diego, CA


Sacred Heart Gallery, “Squatters” Duo Exhibition - San Diego, CA

University of San Diego Student Life Pavilion, “Annual Student Exhibition”, Group show - San Diego, CA

Sacred Heart Gallery, Solo, “Placing Hands In A Hungry Maw” - San Diego, CA


Sacred Heart Gallery, Solo, “I Find Myself Looking Up” - San Diego, CA


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Teaching Experience


Art Institute of San Diego - Teaching Artist